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The threat of payload fires for all waste collection, bulk haulage and fleet hire operators is real and frightening. Within the UK alone, over 5000 commercial LGV fires on the highway were attended by the fire service, resulting in 84 casualties.

Managing a burning LGV can be a terrifying experience for even an experienced driver. Attempting to drive the vehicle off the highway as soon as possible, can often can make the situation worse. Leading a burning vehicle into a garage forecourt, factory, shopping area or even a school!

Resulting costs can be significant, developing into hundreds of thousands of pounds for the operator as well as the emergency services attending the scene.

However, the long term commercial costs for an operator may well be more severe. A fire that could be avoided, causing injury, fatality or environmental incident can risk all future operations and irreparably damage a brand.

Introducing our Heat Detection Fire Prevention System (HDFP)
The Low Cost Low Risk Solution


Direct Costs of Vehicle Fire

Vehicle write-off
Loss of payload
Property damage
Accident investigation
Service disruption
Vehicle recovery

Long Term Damage

Customer ⁄ contract loss
Legal fees
Insurance premiums
Civil claims
Brand erosion

HDFP System Features

  • From as little as £25 per month
  • Simple client badged dashboard
  • Hosted live online data per vehicle
  • Unlimited access/user points for managers
  • Unlimted monitored vehicles per dashboard
  • Click and go live and historical graphical reports
  • Email alerts to smart phone, tablet and PC
  • Covering all of the UK
  • No maintenance required
  • One charge per vehicle per month (contracted) for all hardware, hosting, data, and support

Simple Self Install System in Under an Hour

  • Easy one piece self-fit kit
  • Gateway box to any 12V connection (with inline fuse if from battery)
  • Temperature probe with 5M of cable
  • IP67 certified
  • Can operate in harsh coniditions, resisting external damage sources
  • Realtime data transmitted direct to cloud
  • 24/7 vehicle payload temperature monitoring
  • GPS and other vehicle sensors can be added
  • Full parts replacement and technical support for 5 year contract length
  • Consultancy provided for upgrades or other client requirements